Liberal Bolshevism

Has Fundamental Change Come to America?

Written by Alexander G. Markovsky, a Soviet émigré and scholar of Marxism, the book begins with the author’s recounting of the end of the Cold War. Despite the common perception that democracy defeated communism, he presents evidence the Democratic Party has adopted Marxism in a new philosophy he calls Liberal Bolshevism.

Mr. Markovsky tracks the origins of Liberal Bolshevism back to the policies of Woodrow Wilson and FDR, and chronicles the transformation of the Democratic Party into the Social Democratic Party.


What will the reader take away from this book?

The Democrats may learn about deep rooted racism and anti-Semitism of their Party; the Republicans may learn the vitality of socialism and Marxist nature of the “fundamental transformation.”

Environmentalists may find that the scientific theory of Global warming is not scientific, is not a theory, not global and has nothing to do with warming; Jews and blacks will be surprised to know they have been used and vote Democrat for all the wrong reasons;

Marxists and socialists may realize they do not even know what socialism and communism are, after they learn the true meanings of the seductive concepts: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his contribution” and “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need;”

Economists will learn the fundamental flaw of Keynesian economics and may be surprised about the purpose of a free-market capitalist economy and the nature of the 2009 economic crisis;

The young generation may discover that the country they inherited is not the country the Founding Fathers envisioned for them. The 17th Amendment distorted the extraordinary balance established by the Founding Fathers between the states and the Federal Government, and undermined the intricate equilibrium between the power and legitimacy;

Seniors who suffered historical amnesia and voted for socialism will have an opportunity to refresh their memories.

Liberal Bolshevism

Alex MarkovskyThrough the prism of Marxism, the author traces the rhythms and patterns of the toxic amalgamation of liberalism and socialism from Lenin to Obama, and binds together the Democratic Party’s policies into a Marxist-socialist cause that American Social Democrats, just like their Soviet predecessors, are committed to achieving at all costs.

Herein, the reader will find a reassessment of accepted postulates exposing the deeply rooted racism and anti-Semitism of the Democratic Party. Liberal Bolshevism challenges vested views of socialism and capitalism. Overall, the work is intended as a dissident course of economics and political education. It is explosive and insightful.

Alex Markovsky has identified a new era of capitalism, which he calls the Economy of Mass Prosperity, and proposes the measures to facilitate this new dispensation.


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