Liberal BolshevismWhat are others saying about
Liberal Bolshevism and
Alex Markovsky

Alex Markovsky is a truly excellent writer, with the kind of impeccable and authentic credentials that gives this book a widespread seal of approval. There are many parts that are colorful and most parts are riveting…also illuminating and educational.

Joan Swirsky: Journalist and Award-Winning Writer


This book is not to be read; it is to be studied.

Vladimir Kolerov: Professor of Political Science, Moscow University


Liberal Bolshevism is a most important book, as well as a compelling read. No one knows better than Alex Markovsky the damage visited on the human spirit by leftist totalitarianism – so no one can describe with more precision where we in America are heading.

Harry Stein: Author of How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (and Found Inner Peace); and Why We Won’t Talk Honestly About Race


This is the most politically-incorrect book I have read thus far. It offers a comprehensive assessment of the ideological assault on American Democracy, capitalism, and American values. As a former Soviet Citizen myself, I can appreciate the author’s knowledge, experience, and insight. My greatest concern is that the ideas of this book may not be understood by people who are not well-educated in history and have a vague understanding of the annals of capitalism and the perils of socialism.

Mikhail Rudin, PhD: Author of more than 25 handbooks and reference-books issued in English, Russian, Spanish and French